Rob Mello

Rob MelloHe has dedicated himself to training and collaborating with sales and marketing professionals in over 500 companies. His distinct brand of expertise, leadership, and the ability to make tech talk accessible to every user makes him one of the top software trainers in his field.

Rob believes that CRM software is fundamental to the success of the sales and marketing efforts of every company. He understands that to be truly effective and competitive, sales and marketing teams must be organized and have current contact data. To that extent, he helps create power users.

“The software is designed to serve your needs and meet your business goals,” Rob says. “It can be customized to give you instant access to business and transaction details, and remind you when it’s time to follow up. It can actually become ‘an assistant’ to each user.”

He also emphasizes CRM’s database functions.

“When building a successful CRM implementation for my clients I simply tell them if a conversation, meeting, phone call or email occurred, enter it into the software; you never know when you’ll need to retrieve the finest points to close the deal.”

Rob has seen how using CRM software has made a tremendous impact on his clients.

“It’s thrilling to see clients go through my training course. At first they’re a little challenged because they’re being exposed to something new. But after I’ve guided them through every step of the process, they are off and running. And always with positive results.”


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